Mixed Pissed


280 gr of mixed pasta

300 gr of organic cauliflower

160 gr shelled red prawns

4 tablespoons of colatura

Evo Dop Oil

1 coppery montoro onion vegetable broth

Salt, pepper, and basil


Chop the red prawns and season with oil, salt and pepper. Put them in the fridge. Cook the bacon cut into squares in a pan until crisp and set aside.
Form a layer of Parmesan in a non-stick pan, melt and brown. Form some sfogline to keep aside. Prepare a sauté with oil and onion, add the chopped cauliflower, brown it, cover with broth and cook until soft and then blend it. To report
to the boil, add a first part of anchovy sauce, then the pasta and cook adding water if necessary, making sure the pasta is always creamy. When cooked, stir in oil, parmesan, basil, anchovy sauce, regular salt and pepper. Serve and garnish first with a prawn quenelle and then add the crumble, the crispy bacon, the parmesan sfogline and a further drizzle of oil. Garnish with fresh herbs.