Our oil

We are the territory we live in. Our journey starts from Irpinia: our land, a large tree with deep roots; and from its fruit, the Evo oil,
our most precious treasure. The backbone of our brand is the synergy between the territory, its olives and the precious hand of man who supports us every day in the creation of an extraordinary product. The great care in the selection of the areas of origin of the olives and the extreme attention in the delicate processing paths have made it possible to create unique certified oils such as the protected designation of origin and those from organic farming.

Pantelleria and Modena

Over the years, Argenziano has added to the Campania region, from which everything starts and everything returns, the equally centuries-old tradition of other lands naturally suited to quality production.

Pantelleria, our land in summer.

There we loved the passion of the people, their stories, their unique products and we selected the best soils for the production of grapes and capers.

Driven by the passion in selecting the best our peninsula has to offer, we moved to Romagna, where we have selected the best grapes to make you taste a Modena IGP vinegar with unique scents, aged for years in oak barrels.

Gift Box

A wide choice of gift ideas for all occasions where the protagonists are our selections of oil, grapes and capers. All products are hand-packed in our gift box, included in the sale price. Make a special gift by choosing real masterpieces of taste and a package prepared with love and cared for in every detail. if you want, we will deliver it to the recipient in all ITALY with the care that distinguishes us.

Argenziano LOVE

The adventures of the olive of Argenziano

Precious treasure chests in which our oils “ENJOY” new Italian goodness.

From this LOVE comes excellence. Each casket is combined with a short recipe book, where exceptional chefs will tell you how to prepare delicious dishes.

We have sent “our Oliva” in search of excellence … what will be your next “FLIRT”?

Stay tuned!


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