Monocultivar Ravece EVO oil - glass bottle

100% Italian extra virgin olive oil

Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

Cold extraction

Monocultivar Ravece

Max acidity: 0.2%

Production Area: Bonito – Melito Irpino – Ariano Irpino | Avellino – Campania



Monocultivar Ravece EVO oil - glass bottle

La Ravece represents one of the over 60 indigenous varieties of olive trees in the Campania region. Also known as Olivona and Curatona, cultivated since the 16th century almost exclusively in the Ufi-Arianese territory, it has become a real symbol of quality olive growing in Irpinia. The production area is dominated by hills rich in volcanic sediments and offers clayey limestone soils. These elements, in combination with a decidedly less mild climate if compared to most of the regions of Southern Italy, have certainly favored the cultivation of Ravece. A green oil with yellow reflections with an intense fruitiness that thrills the palate thanks to its evident spicy and bitter charge. The herbaceous aroma with notes of green tomato strikes the nose, while when tasted it reveals balanced bitter and spicy sensations in harmony with the final aftertaste of tomato, apple and artichoke.
Pairings: In the kitchen, Ravece extra virgin olive oil is an excellent choice in the presence of consistent dishes such as legume soups, vegetable marinades, traditional Irpinia pasta first courses, pizzas, grilled meat and roasted fish with a side of potato oven.


250 ml, 500 ml