​dott. Stefano Argenziano
mob. +39 340 972 36 30

Stella Argenziano​
mob. +39 340 349 94 39

IRCA SAS di Stefano Argenziano

Sede Legale
Via E. G. Turco, 35
83100 Avellino
P.IVA 01501490641​

Sede Operativa:
Via Varano
84022 Campagna (SA)


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The territories of taste

From Irpinia, our region, the journey further South and the discovery of the treasures of Pantelleria – Passito wine and Capers – were almost accidental. On that remote island I met and loved the passion and quality of its people, stories and unique products.
All this represents the backbone of our brand that constantly renews itself in the never-ending journey searching for the best products from our territory.


In order to choose the right products, putting quality before everything else, one has to know the place well. Before selecting a product, we carefully study the territory, its history, culture, production techniques. We choose places with something unique to offer. Bringing it to light is the main mission of our brand.


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